I’m nuts about this Nutty Bread. :o) I’m not going to rewrite the whole recipe here as I used the cups to measure the ingredients and followed the recipe almost to the detail with only few adjustments. Here are the changes I made with some suggestions:

  • The original recipe tells you to use the blanched almond flour. I have always used almond meal. What’s the difference? Simply, blanched almond flour is ground up almonds where the skin has been removed and the almond meal where the the whole almonds are used.

Blanched almond flour is a much finer flour and it gives you fluffier texture than the almond meal. I like to grind my own almonds and for a snack I enjoy the almonds with the skin, this is what I have available at home. I enjoy this earthy and heavy texture the almond meal gives and I can only imagine the difference when using blanched almond flour.  :o) But one day, I will give it a try and bake the bred with the finer almond flour!

  • Arrowroot powder is a starch. Its is made from the roots of numerous different tropical plants and rhizomes, its highly nutritious and most commonly used as food thickener. I highly recommend to make the trip to the bio store to get it but in the case of “emergency” I have also used potato starch. I did it only once and I felt that I could have reduced the the amount a bit as outcome was drier than usual and crumbly.
  • The recipe calls for many different nuts and seeds but sometimes I don’t have all of them at home so I have replaced the ones I have been missing. Yesterday I put extra sunflower seeds to replace the pistachio nuts. I have also made the bred replacing the hazelnut as I have a friend who is allergic.

Be brave to use your imagination and bake, ifs worth it!



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