Beautiful picture by Triin Raa

Makes about 1 baking tray


1,5 dl linseeds, soaked in 2,5-3 dl water for about 30-60 min

3 dl sunflower seeds

salt/pepper and/or herbs, spices of your liking


Mix the seeds together using your hand (or spoon but it feels nice to touch the food with the hand :o) cover the baking tray with the baking paper and spread the mixture evenly, leave it about 0,5 cm thick. Use the knife to draw the lines, vertically and horizontally, it will make it easier to brake to even pieces when its ready. Bake in the oven, 175 Celsius, for about 35-40 min. Enjoy with some organic butter and the soup.

Variations: I love chilli flakes and like to add it to the bred, I have also used tamari instead of salt and pepper, and what ever herbs or spices have inspired me on the day of making the bread. For the “sweet” version add cinnamon, vanilla or any other spices of your liking, be brave, experiment. Its fun!  :o)

You can also use other seeds like sesame or pumpkin seeds. When using pumpkin seeds increase the amount of linseeds as they are what keep the bred together and pumpkin seeds are bit bigger than sunflower seeds.  Try 2 dl of linseeds and 3 dl of pumpkinseeds.

Like I did today, with cinnamon and vanilla!



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