Visited an Italian resonant with some friends few weeks ago, offering gluten and dairy free pizza and pasta, I had a gluten free veggie pizza and it was OK. I haven’t had a pizza in the restaurant for ages, so it felt excited ;o)

I’m no really in the favour of gluten free processed products, I rather advocate for naturally gluten free food, minimally processed, but here and then, why not.

Label “gluten free” has become trendy but it does not automatically mean its good and healthy for you. What matters instead is how and by whom it was created and what’s in the product, what have they replaced the gluten with? what do they use instead?!

To make the long story short, the visit to the pizza place inspired me to serve my family and friends the home made versions of the pizza, naturally gluten free :o). Making the pizza doug with cauliflower is also a clever way to increase the veggies in your diet.

 I have also made the crust with courgette and buckwheat (recipe will come soon).  Have not experimented with broccoli yet, probably because I still love eating it steamed with pinch of salt and butter :o)

The crust

1 medium size cauliflower head, cut into pieces

3 eggs

1 dl ground almonds (you can do it before adding rest of the ingredients to the food processor)

2-3 tsp. oregano, parsley, or any Italian seasoning

1 tsp of sea salt or Himalayan salt 


Heat the oven to 200 Celsius. Put everything in the food possessor and process until you get a dough like substance. You might need to scrape the walls occasionally.

Spread it evenly on the oven tray covered with the baking paper and bake in the oven for a bout 30 min or until its golden brown.

The topping

Walnut pesto (can be prepared in advance)


Cherry tomatoes, cut into halves or smaller

Steamed broccoli

Salmon and serrano ham


Spread the pesto on the crust, add ruccola, tomatoes, broccoli florets, serrano ham on the half of the pizza and cold smoked salmon on the other half.

Walnut pesto (can be prepared in advance)

1,5 dl walnuts

2,5 dl of fully packed basil leaves (feel free to use more)

2 garlic gloves

2 tsp of lemon juice

0,5 tsp of sea salt or Himalayan salt

0,5 dl of extra virgin olive oil

Put everything into the food processor and process until you are satisfied with the consistence, you need to scrape the walls occasionally.

Serve and enjoy! 



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