I realised I need to post more of my weekly recipes, which are easy to make and taste delicious. Scrambled eggs is one of them, its the fastest food ever, you can make. If you are ravenously hungry this is the food to choose but I would still suggest to take 5 deep breaths (while you start your preparations ;o) and also fix some veggies or/and salad around it. Its perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

My breakfast preparations took about 15 min, here is what should be done:


  • Head of broccoli (if you have one at home)
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Salad/ruccola/spinach
  • 2 eggs (per person)
  • dill and parsley or any fresh herbs you have at home
  • butter, olive oil, coconut oil (no worries if you don’t have them all)
  • salt, pepper and chilli if you like it spicy


Put the pot with the water just in the bottom on the stove, put the lid on and bring it to boil. Cut of the big broccoli stem, then break or cut the rest into the florets, wash it and put into the boiling water out the lid on and steam. If you have a steamer, us it, this is just an easy way to steam broccoli or cauliflower. It takes about 5-7 min. You can use the kettle to boil up the water and add to the pot, it will speed up the boiling process.

While your broccoli is getting ready prepare the salad. Either on your plate or in the bowl depending how many of you will be eating. Any type of salad, cucumber, tomato and avocado or whatever you have at home.

Now its time to prepare the eggs, take an empty glass jar with the lid. Take 2 eggs per person, add fresh herbs, salt, pepper and chilli. Put the lid on and give it a shake.


By now your broccoli is ready (might be also over cooked, so keep an eye on it) swap the pot with a pan, add coconut oil and wait it to heat up. Till then pure the reminding water away from the broccoli and add a junk of butter for the nice flavour.  

Before pouring the eggs on the hot pan make sure everything else is ready, as soon you pour the egg mix on the pan its magically ready in 15-20 seconds and its nice to eat it when its warm.

Serve and enjoy.

PS! Occasionally I also add some salmon or have a piece of the nutty bread with it.


2 thoughts on “Scrambled eggs with lots of greens

  1. Hi, you can also easily steam your vegetabels with the Thermomix. Poor 800g of water in the bowl. Wash the vegetables and put them in the Varoma. Steam for about 20 minutes on Varoma speed 1.

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